What I do?

I live a "Never Free - Never Busy" life. 

Busy weekdays and busier weekends... I always have more than enough things to do/ read/ write/ travel/ talk/ listen/ watch... but a the same time I am always available if something is interesting enough !  

Once someone special asked me - "Busy?" and I replied honeslty - "I'm always busy, but never for you" :)

Anyways, Professionally -  Risk, Quant and Research are keywords that define what I do.

In past, I worked as a visiting faculty for a banking and finance course to first year MBA students [mostly as a hobby] at Symbiosis. It was an awesome experience in many ways. 

...at one point of time I also worked on developing models for natural gas transportation in international markets, Bayesian models, organization modelling, pedestrian simulation, network flow problems and things like that related mostly to maths, stats and computer science. Most of it was during my two memorable trips to Switzerland and working with two Profs at IIM Bangalore. later I also worked with a Microfinance firm for few months.

If any of these topics are of your interest or something is in your mind which you may like to share. Feel free to dump it at aojha[AT]aojha.in. 

Abhishek Ojha