यूँ होता तो क्या होता !

posted Jan 29, 2011, 6:59 PM by Abhishek Ojha   [ updated Nov 10, 2011, 8:34 PM ]

Lines from my latest post: 'हमारे होने में जो बातें हुई उनका योगदान तो होता ही है पर उससे कम योगदान उन बातों का भी नहीं होता जो नहीं हो पायी। हम जैसे हैं वो कई बार उन बातों के कारण ही होते हैं जो ना हो पायी।' We are shaped by things which happens in our lives but at the same time also by the things which didn't happen. What I mean is things and events which didn't happen also shape us in similar way. Things doesn't always go the way we think but whatever we are, we are the way we are because those things didn't happen the way we thought.  Maybe its the same thing in a different way but this is how it works in life. isn't it?