posted Oct 3, 2014, 2:25 PM by Abhishek Ojha

Today is Vijayadashmi. 
... It didn't feel like a special day. I woke up like any other day and went to work... but Somehow, It always has been a special day to me. Probably, because it is most-spent-as-a-holiday-at-home festival for me and the whole ambience-aroma-atmosphere including Hare Jau se dhaka kalash with Dia at home during those 9-days vacations is enough to make it special.  Or, Few special moments and saat samandar paar se connections that happened on this day made it can-never-be-forgotten-special day. 

Anyways, Today I was thinking how we don't change... We, surely, get influenced by people in our lives and many factors, like books, movies, incidents etc but like a pendulum we swing back to our equilibrium of what we are... well... most of the times ! 

...and on another note, I twitted what Mandodari said on very First Vijayadashmi.. explaining Everythingness to nothingness of Ravan in one Chaupaayi

जगत बिदित तुम्हारि प्रभुताई। सुत परिजन बल बरनि न जाई॥ 
राम बिमुख अस हाल तुम्हारा। रहा न कोउ कुल रोवनिहारा॥

विजयादशमी शुभ हो :)