but the point is...

posted Oct 26, 2011, 9:14 AM by Abhishek Ojha   [ updated Nov 10, 2011, 8:03 PM ]

If you go to buy a food item in a store how much will you be charged? maximum retail price or less than that, right? What if you are an outsider... same.  even if price is not printed on the item I think a shopkeeper will never charge you three-four times.

but in some cases people don't behave like a shop-keeper when prices are not regulated they don't charge fair price but based on how much you can pay !  just charging more is not enough so they  sometimes also put additional constraints on their services, saying this is how it works here... 

They don't realize that sooner or later you will know about the truth. I think sometimes even if they realize... they simply don't care. because they are making profit in short-term, and they have nothing to lose in long-term. Especially if you are a one time customer... how possibly can it hurt?

and sometimes it doesn't even matter to you, for example if you are paying far less than what you expected earlier?

if coincidentally all these 'ifs' and 'sometimes' occur together - there seems to be no problem !

...Same thing happened with me in Patna.

Do I care that I paid extra money ! no...

Do they feel guilty that they charged me at least four times with half of the service they should have provided? no...

Can they do something meaningful with that extra money? I know for sure they can't :)

although money was the root of the problem I don't (and will definitely not) remember the money part... that was not that significant and more than that was spent on many days without any plans on people I don't even know.

It was a lady and when I inquired her about this she told me 'You are not my friend or a relative and I charged more because you were in need at that time and you can pay more ! you came from America !'. I was shocked by her plain explanation and all I told her was 'in that case you missed a big opportunity ! I would have paid 5 times more than this ! and thanks for being clear otherwise I wouldn't have appreciated motiveless love and affection of people I am meeting daily...'

then whats the point? !

The point is you feel injustice and fooled. The point is she single handedly ruined the image crerated by many people for that city. City of many simple, innocnent, lovely and helpful people... thousands of them...

The point is whenever I think about my experience her image flashes in my mind...

You start with (and for) money but this is what remains at the end... think how you want to flash in memory of others and how you want to create an image of yours and your place. If this doesn't bother you then... there is no point for you in this post.

This is no more a mini post. I think this is another side-effect of certain images flashing  in your mind :)

Happy Diwali.