So Finally you are here !

believe me... I wrote this only for you... I always knew that one day you will come here...

To be honest... I admire myself... So whatever I say here is not an unbiased estimation of myself. It is slightly positively skewed... but not much.

 ...I work in a bank with multiple screens in front of me. Models and numbers are what is around me most of the time. Not the models that Google suggests but the models which are rather ... leave it!. Before coming to this world of models... I spent five years of my life in a beautiful campus with some wonderful folks around me... that part of life was "those were the days" kind of stuff.

    ... Currently I live in New York City and try to squeeze in a few minutes to read something daily. My interests... books, Mathematics, Finance, Mythology, History, Hindi, Sanskrit (I try to understand), biographies, reading about different people... I also like to travel...  a small circle of friends... that sums up to me minus something which isn't easy to explain. I don't know much about myself !

I love reading [आदत जो वक़्त पर बदली न  गयी :)] and... Once a month I also write a column in a Hindi Newspaper and occasionally - random things on my blogs.

... the day I read this page again... I will laugh at it first and then edit... visit again in few days to see a different version :)

Thanks !

Abhishek Ojha

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