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Amar, 1/15/2024 22:08:15

Hi. You have mentioned गोलंबर in this. Were you able to find it somewhere online, or do you have a copy? I have been trying to find it for years, without success. (I had also seen a comment of yours on Ravish Kumar's blog long back)

It would be very kind of you if you could point me to this story somewhere online. 

Thank you!


Shabana nikhat, 12/1/2023 22:08:15

Thanq soo much sir

Aditya Ranjan Pathak, 7/28/2021 23:29:47

ओझा जी, विलक्षण लिखते हैं आप ! ऐसा लगता है जैसे स्वयं अथवा किसी परिचित के सम्बन्ध में शोध कर रहा हूँ | आपकी भाषा तो मेरी अपनी है ही, वर्णन भी ऐसा मानो गाँव के मेरे दालान में नित्य जमने वाली गोष्ठी में बैठे कोई चाचा अपना अनुभव साझा कर रहे हों | अभिनन्दन !

IMRANALI SAYED - BOMBAY, 6/9/2021 7:07:02

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you mentioning the meanings of very difficult words for SAHIR SAHABz - TALKHIYAAN. Today 9th June 2021, I have an online show at 9pm IST - "i M R a n moments" part 2 on FB page "URI India Perform". IN SHAA ALLAH I will take your name in my show as a source of getting the meanings of the much required to understand words. I wish you read this and join me in the musical evening - Mukesh Romantics tonight. Again, Thanks tons n millions. email -XXX, XXX

Deepshikha, 4/10/2021 8:38:01

Sir, A big fan of yours.. I read your blogs and really get motivated from those.. Sir, you used to stay at our home (Soap Factory, Hatia), that time I was not even born, I guess... Now I come to know that how you managed everyone... Thank you sir, Really blessed to read you..

Please reply,

You are just awesome sir.... There are no words to describe you..

Piyush, 2/10/2021 13:10:05

Contact me from my twitter account pls it's urgent.

महेन, 2/13/2020 2:51:44

अमा अब भी इतना लिख लेते हो? मेरी तो पढ़ने की भी कैपेसिटी इतनी नहीं बची? वैसे, पहचाना? XXX @

Giridhari Lall Sarraf, 9/17/19 8:36

Dear Ojha Jee, Sometime in 2012 against some of my comments I received a very detailed personal email from you that inspired me a lot and I was able to overcome my depression. Now I am again in that situation. I want to take your some time over phone if you provide your mobile no. and convenient time I will call you back. Any way my mobile no. is 00919830402314 and email i.d. is Although my age is 65 years, I always go through all you write on internet and a fan of you. This is not flattery but fact which my heart has acknowledged.

Thanks a lot.

Surinder, 8/5/2019 0:37:32


Appsl Job, 2/21/2019 4:24:06

Thanks for sharing such a great blog... impressive !.

Preetam, 3/7/18 2:19

The Song form Haider is superb. Just exactly what you said. you want to listen to it again and again.

Rahul Singh, 11/15/17 20:28

That poem इतना सा है संसार is written by Subhadra kumar i Chauhan

ANKUR SRIVASTAVA, 8/29/17 13:19

Kavita kosh ek blog h for Hindi poetry and geet majusa for Bollywood lyrics and infotainment. Ye dono wiki bhai ki tarah hi mere dost h. Aaj ek nya dost bna i.e. ".......etc." and "ojha uwaach" 

Thnx to vomit here deliberately 

Inform me whenever u come to india.


Mob. ...

रुक्मनाथ पाैडेल, 8/7/17 6:39

गुगल पर उवाच सर्च किया ताे अाप की लेखनी से मिल पाया । खुस हुँ, मेरे जैसा ही लगा अापका भी बचपन !

Varun Mishra, 6/22/17 5:53

"Dear Sir, Are you interested book publishing? please revert back at "

राहुल गुप्ता, 1/27/17 22:30

🌏 भाई, आप इतने दिन कहाँ छिपे रहे? मेरे अहोभाग्य कि ईश्वर ने एक अच्छे लेखक से मेरा परिचय करवाया। मेरा प्रणाम स्वीकार करें।

SEEMA, 7/9/16 14:28

" can u pl rewrite this in english ,the geometrical terms in hindi difficult to understand . beautifully u explained bhagwan Jagannath mathematically . "

helloo, 6/18/16 16:00

Email: sir plz mail me your whatsaap number plz...., 5/25/14 2:13

Thank you very much Sir! Old poems ko padhkr good feel karta hu....

MM Singh Dehradun, 2/25/14 3:46

Read about the french lawyer's plight in your mini blog. Very interesting. Shakespeare commented 'Life is a tale, told by an idiot'.

Giridhari Sarraf, 2/13/14 9:51

Bahut dino se aapke Birendar Bhaiya ka intajar kar raha hoon. Kahin wo Nitish Kumar, Lalu Jee aur Paswan Jee ke paas Lok Sabha main sit jugadne main to nahin lage huye hain.

nrchandra, 8/15/13 9:39

बहुत दिनों से सम्प्पर्क नहीं कर पाया स्वाधीनता दिवस [भारत पर्व]की शुभ कामनाये

manish, 6/25/13 23:36

sir, aisa to nhi ho skta ki kedarnath me jo hua apko pta nhi chla hoga, phir apka koi comment q nhi aya, mai jnta hu ap lekhenge to wo hme kuch sochne pe majbur jarur krega isliye apse request hai please...........

manish, 6/8/13 4:18

sir, i am big fan of u, your blogs are awesome

Abhishek, 6/4/13 21:39

"Nice to read about u."

nrchaandra, 7/5/12 14:57

"meri kamment par aapki rispond ko aaj6/7 ko dekh payabahut achchha laga dhanywad"

nrchandra, 6/12/12 2:45

"asi mansic stithi ki tulana man bhawe moodhilawe se ki ja sakati hai"

regalhues, 4/4/12 13:31

is there an online link to ur articles that were printed in dainik bhaskar???

regalhues, 4/4/12 13:15

"having come across this website as part of introduction to ur profile, the content and the sheer quality of writing has left me quite surprised.

being an avid reader, it was a pleasure to read everything here. people with natural flair for penning down their thoughts or consciously writing something interesting, must contribute to literature in some form or another.

i hope ur talent is better appreciated, and reaches a wider strata of readers.

cheers. "

Sumit Agarwal, 3/5/12 3:29

Hello Abhishek,

Loved your post, waise mera hindi main haath thoda tang hai toh toh kuch post toh samaj nahe aayi ..

just out of curiosity .. kya aap kabhe VKV, Hurda ke student hua karte the kya???

Look forward to hear back.


Sumit Agarwal

Giridhari, 1/15/12 10:38

I was reading your 'Pre Scripted Show" blog. It is really superb. Math., Science and Banker still believing in Pre Scripted Show? I am unable to match. I had taken a decision six years back then reversed the same and again I am taking the same decision causing losses in crores. Was it my foolishness or pre scripted show? Needs your comment to support or disapprove me. Really you are superb.

aditi tripathi, 11/18/11 7:28

u are amazing.... ur thoughts, imaginations, writing skills.... evrything.... greate..... maine dainik m aapka article pada par usse phle b aapka blog pada tha...... aapka apni jameen se itna gahra judaaw dekhkar aur use aapke sabdon m padkar dhanya ho jate h sbi... specially ojha uvaach..... gr8 compositions..... m abhi tak to blogs nhi likhti hu bt sirf aapka blog jab b computer on krti hu jaroor padti hu.... apke blogs aapka pratibimb( reflection) h... soch kar accha lagta h ki esi soch wale log b is duniya m h.... thanks for being here so that v can enjoy truthness of huminity by his blogs

Giridhari Sarraf, 11/6/11 5:57

Although I am Rajasthani but by heart Bihari. AApka Patna ka Vritant padh kar apne school aur college ka samay yaad aa jata hai jab hamlog theth isi andaj mai dosto se baat kiya karte the. Thanks a lot for allowing me to enjoy my 40 years back life.

Paresh Kumar Singh, 10/23/11 8:33

I GOT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR BLOGS FROM DANIK JAGRAN, VARANASI EDITION, DATED 23RD OCT 2011(JHANKAR JINDAGI KE). Kafi shandar likhato ho aap, jo jaandar bhe hota hein. I am working as a Chemistry teacher in Mastermind Classes, Varanasi and belongs to Varanasi and did M.Sc.(Chem) from BHU in 1996 and then did Ph.D. also. After that I did jobs in Asian paints(in Noida), Hindalco(Renukoot), Nerolac paints(Kanpur) and Glaxo(Mumbai). In 2005, I returned back to Varanasi and started teaching and now more satisfied than the corporate life.

Nice to know about you and u are in America but still think and write in Bhojpuri.

Wish u all the best and I am following your blogs.

Expecting your reply (it may be very short).

good luck and bye

Paresh Kumar Singh, 10/23/11 8:09


u r simply brilliant and may be the icon for the Indian youth.

Jiyo raho raja. Hum bhi hein Banarasi.....HAR HAR MAHADEV.


Deepak Singh, 10/23/11 0:47

Cong. friend, Danik Jagran published u r "Patna series" in his sunday addition, quoted by Mr. Anup K. shukla.

Meenakshi, 9/6/11 6:06

its really wonderful to come here and roam around....

thanks to your " :( " (sad emotion) on my post as a comment..."कभी कभी छोटे छोटे अनकहे भाव किसी का परिचय देने में बहुत सहायक होते हैं.." God bless you always..

Piyush Tandon, 8/15/11 3:09

Regular follower of your column at Inext. Amazed to realize that a person, who is ought to have such technical & professional expertise, can have such diverse interests who keenly observes life. Would love to hear from you more. Pls add me to your facebook profile...

rajeysha, 7/25/11 8:35

Really a beneficial link for you...

Abhishek, 7/3/11 13:33

धन्यवाद. आपकी उत्सुकता धन्य है :)

ये निबंध हमारे इंटरमीडिएट के हिंदी की पुस्तक में था. 'ताला' शीर्षक था. लेखक का नाम याद नहीं आ रहा. गद्य संहिता का चौथा या पांचवा अध्याय था. पुस्तक अभी भी मेरे पास घर पर होगी, लगभग १ महीने बाद शायद घर जाना हो तब लेखक नाम बता पाऊंगा. अभी तो इतना ही याद है. बीच में कहीं और से पता चला तो आपको बताता हूँ.

आपके दिए ईमेल आईडी से मेल वापस आ गया.

रोनित, 7/3/11 0:58

ताला शरीफों के लिए होता है ! चोरों के लिए नहीं, ताला अक्सर चोर को निमंत्रण देता है... घर का मालिक कहीं बाहर गया हुआ है.'

आपके द्वारा पोस्ट की हुई ये पंक्तियाँ एक ब्लॉग पर पढ़ी ..... क्या आप बता सकते हैं ये पंक्तियाँ कहाँ से ली आपने .... मुझे कुछ याद नहीं आ रहा है ... मैं उस निबंध को खोज रहा हूँ जहाँ से ये पंक्तियाँ हैं ..... काफी बचपन में मैंने भी ये पढ़ा था ..... कृपया मेरी मदद करें ... धन्यवाद

shivkumar, 2/20/11 23:29

very nice post dear

प्रवीण त्रिवेदी,1/11/11 13:57

अभिषेक भाई !

घूमता टहलता चला आया ............चलिए शुभकामनाएं ही ठेलता चलूँ !

शुभरात्रि !