यूं न होता तो...

Post date: Sep 17, 2014 9:03:53 PM

एक पुरानी पोस्ट - http://www.aojha.in/quotes-etc/yun-hota-to-kya-hota

... and couple of days back while thinking something I wrote in my diary... "Infinitely many things that happened and infinitely many others that didn't if it had not happened in exact same way. Only then may be… "

Life and world is like an infinite tree starting with a root with infinitely many branches (possibilities) at each node… each event, no matter how small, is a link to new possibilities - a small step, a conversation, a perception, a misunderstanding... with each such event We end up tracing only one of infinitely many possibilities. Sometimes, leaving what was once everything to us… and when I think that, I wonder… If thousands of things had not happened the way it did, or had happened differently it is possible that It would have... and then… but what if? … and so on.. and so on… :)