What we say !

Post date: May 30, 2013 8:14:25 PM

At times, based on what we say and the kind of words we use, it is easier to predict what actually we believe in (or think). Answer to a simple “What do you think others will do?” can provide many insights about a person. Where we stand on the relative scale of ideologies is easier to figure out with this kind of question because we generally say what we believe in. At the same time, we think everyone else also believes and thinks as we do!

For example, If we are rich, we feel everyone else makes a similar amount of money… our scale of poverty line moves up. If a person says... “It is impossible to live in Mumbai with 30K per month salary,”.. you know where it is coming from.

Think of other examples… what matters to someone and what not… you can connect the dots to predict things.

The same is true for some words… in a discussion, the kind of words we use, and examples we give. At times, it is straightforward to see what a person is thinking or where it is coming from :)