What if? but...

Post date: Nov 30, 2011 9:22:56 PM

Once I thought every excitement has a half life !... On the same lines... another thought came... what happens if things go well... but not exactly the way we wanted.

We expect certain things to happen in our life. Sometimes things that really mean a lot to us!

Sometimes it happens, and we feel thrilled and excited. ...other times it happens but with a glitch... or not the way we wanted.

Well... still it is far better than not happening at all... isn't it? But do we feel happy?

The moment we get the news... we forget about the excitement of the fact that it has already happened and start worrying about the part that didn't go our way!

Why complicate it so much in a short life of 60-80 years! ... that's what life is!

PS: I am in a completely different mood these days. Totally refreshed and submerged in a different kind of world :) many things to post from that... but this just came to my mind after a small discussion!