Vairagya in meetings

Post date: Nov 18, 2011 10:48:28 PM

When people discuss something in meetings without any idea of what they are talking about. ... and if meetings go on for more than an hour without any result, I feel like I should go to the Himalayas immediately :)

When people discuss complicated models, financials products, and work (which they don't understand) with a feeling that they are the ones who actually are running the world economy! Strange thoughts start coming to my mind... mostly similar to "why we have made this world so complicated? ... wouldn't have it be nice if we were still living in forests with fresh-free fruit to eat and water to drink! "

Okay, leave it... but that's how I sometimes feel when I discuss mathematical models with people... sitting in a concrete jungle... Today this line was repeatedly flashing in the background of my mind in a meeting:

परिभ्रमसि किं मुधा क्वचन चित्त विश्राम्यतां स्वयं भवति यद्यथा भवति तत्तथा नान्यथा.

अतीतमननुस्मरन्नपि च भाव्यसंकल्पयन् नतर्कितसमागमाननुभवामि भोगानहम्.

(Oh Mind! Why do you wander about in vain? Rest somewhere. Whatever happens is bound to happen, of itself, not otherwise. Thus not recalling the past, nor planning for the future, I experience the joys that come, without question.)

and then this one:

धन्यानां गिरिकन्दरेषु वसतां ज्योतिः परं ध्यायतां आनन्दाश्रुकणान्पिबन्ति शकुना निःशङ्कमङ्केशया.

अस्माकं तु मनोरथोपरचितप्रासादवापीतट- क्रीडाकाननकेलिकौतुकजुषामायुः परं क्षीयते.

(Blessed are they who live in mountain-caves,meditating on the Supreme Light, with the birds fearlessly sitting on their laps drinking the tears of joy. Our life fades away, revelling in fantasies in palaces or on the banks of refreshing ponds, or in pleasure gardens.)

Both are taken from Vairagyashatakam of Bhartihari (searched and copied it from this link).