Use your brain or maybe...

Post date: Nov 18, 2016 4:46:26 PM

(Posted on a WhatsApp group after observing few days of Monetization debate fight - )

What's wrong with you guys !

Why can't it be a bold step and problematic for many people at the same time?

Why can't something started with good motive can have problems or even fail?

Is it too difficult to understand that real things are much more complicated than just right or wrong, awesome or terrible, black or white, Modi or Kejri.

Why can't Modi do few good things? or Why can't Kejri do? or why can't they both fuck things up?

Bhai, itna defend karne ki jagah kuchh constructive kar lo. Nahin to chill maro. Enjoy karo. kaahe lage pade ho. Jaise tumhe koi stupid dikh raha hai tum waise hi dikhte ho usko. ...because of your suporrting or opposing one person blindly. Bhakts aur Tards ke beech dhaage bhar ka fark hota hai.

Why can't you guys accept things as it is?

Why it has to be only awesome or terrible? and deciding criteria of that is only political ideology?

Do you know how you sound? As if Kejri/Modi ko support/oppose karne ke alaawa brain ke saare wire infuse ho gaye hain. Logic start hi hota hai ek framework ke saath ki Modi ko galat prove karna hai ya use sahi prove karna hai. Uske baad jo bhi situation ho ghuma phira ke - hence proved. Biased hona is fine lekin aisa bhi kya ki mission bana liye ho ki ideology ke against kuchh achcha dikhe to sad ho jao, disaster ho to sadistic pleasure. uske baad jee jaan se lag jao kaanw kaanw karne mein.

..and do you guys think your forwarded biased articles, flawed arguments and jokes will make people change their opinion? people will listen only when you learn to speak about both pros and cons. Some of you guys are termed Bhakts or Tards... not for no reason. There is significant trend in your thinking framework... and you always crib not based on logic but based on which side you are. You think people find it logical? No ! Most people find you a politically radicalized stupid. You just make similar illogical arguments everytime, not to analyze the situation but to defend a person. .. and adding words like rational, practical or logical to your biased framework doesn't make it any better and believe me, you only make your opponents look much better than they actually are.

Things are not as simple as one ideology or another. Economists still can't agree on the causes and reforms of biggest problems of last century - what worked, what not is still debatable after hundreds of years. Aur aap log pahle se hi sab calculate kare baithe ho. Chill guys. Rather than searching and forwarding or writing what supports Modi or Kejri or opposes them. Use your brain or maybe even that won't help... because when you start analyzing with a given conclusion, with a biased framework, what can you conclude? better would be if you learn your biasdness and start appending it to your logical messages as a disclaimer. :)

They are politicians, whats your excuse for stupidity, propaganda warriors? Chashma utaar ke dekho achchi dikhti hai dunia. Look at facts. An unbiased estimation of fact would be somewhere close to average of NDTV and Zee TV :) and chill dunia immediately end nahin ho rahi, na awesome hi ho ja rahi hai raaton raat.

Mental obesity hai tummein se kuchh logon ko. kuchh constructive kaam mein lagao thodi slim n sexy hogi thinking :)