Post date: Nov 26, 2015 4:13:00 AM

There are quite a few things in life that can't be bought... not just by money but by any means whatsoever ! ...we get most of such wonderful things in life for free or as gifts. For example - The way we connect to few awesome people, love, beauty and many more such things.

Connectedness fascinates me - It works in a mysterious way.

Similar circumstances... similar people from a lot.. we connect to one and not to others for no reason (or maybe unseen reasons !). I guess it doesn't make sense to think about reasons too. It is mysterious. It is beautiful. It is unreasonable. ...and perhaps this unreasonability is the only reason !

What is it that connects us with some people?

There are people who enlighten us... unknit the most densely woven and hidden parts of ourselves. We open up, we flourish, we blossom when they are around. We discuss with them the things that we would never do with anyone else. They are gifts in our lives. We get them by chance, they just come from somewhere.

Sometimes, these wonderful people kind of just slip away from our lives... we never meet them again. Not always because of some reason but life just moves on. For unknown reasons again ! the way they appeared as a gift... they disappear too. We don't even realize how connections fade away... things change dramatically. Similar mysteriousness that brings together pulls apart too. Maybe it is all just a space-time fluke without any strings attached. We shouldn't think about it and let go. .. how can such beautiful, spectacular connections be without a reason? ...but then so is this universe... and this tiny spectacular earth can just be a result of a random one in gazillion times probability event. Some day... millions years later... it will be gone too. Some stay a little longer, some disappear earlier.

Fascinating to think... I had a wonderful friend who used to love this kind of meaningless thoughts and we used to discuss a lot... but...

...tough to believe that such beautiful things can be just random flukes. ...maybe there are unseen strings attached ! :)