Tumhe yaad ho ke na yaad ho

Things that we remember - it is a fact that we remember filtered stories. Our memories are severely distorted. Our memories of the things that we went through are not the same as they actually happened. Sometimes we remember rosier parts and other times horrible parts. Intensity fades and whatever remains is not the truth either. We connect the wrong dots to create the story about our past that never was.

We believe more worst or better than what actually happened. We overestimate or underestimate things to make the current scenarios plausible. Once we know the outcome, we connect the dots and fit them nicely to make it looks like we always knew it! In psychology, this is called hindsight bias. Similar to... when we see experts who revise their narrative quickly after a political party wins of loses elections; or a team loses or wins a match or things a stock analysts say.

To one such story, I wrote few pages in my diary while it was happening... so when I feel my memory is distorted, I turn those pages to remind me the truth. But for only one such story. Wo jo hum mein tum mein qarar tha tumhe yaad ho ke na yaad ho - sahi to nahin hi yaad hoga. :)