Tour De Sundarban

Post date: Sep 6, 2011 10:58:09 AM

Three old friends... an unplanned trip of 5 days to an old city and a natural wildlife !

...sounds like a dream isn't it ? I lived this dream recently...

We had many wonderful moments on this trip... not just the awesome ones but all sorts of it. This trip made my assumption even stronger that 'Its you and people around who make the difference not the place ! ' and we made the difference in Kolkata and Sundarbans. It was a trip to remember for life. As my fb status after the trip reflected it:

Last 5 days with 'all sorts of wonderful moments' will henceforth be known as days of awesomeness. :)

Kolkata is a slow old city and Sundrban is an adventurous place but what I remember most is 'random moments' spent with friends !