Tools to remember past...

Post date: Jun 6, 2012 8:33:52 PM

Recently, I wrote a post and a similar article that - to miss or remember something we don't need just pics and videos. In fact very small and useless things from past also do the same thing or sometimes even better. For example - old tickets, receipts etc.

Similarly, Last week I talked to someone from Zurich over phone.

At my workplace every next person comes from a different country. I have habit of listening so many accents… I classify them in cute (childish, soft) and not-so-cute (rough) accents. That can be very individualistic view but I find some accents really cute.

But when I was in this call from Zurich...

I realized that I haven’t heard this accent (a Swiss German speaking English) from quite some time.

This accent made me travel back in time when I was on my internship... I felt like sitting in a park near Zurich lake.. and suddenly the whole city flashed in my mind !

Lovely it was...

…we don’t need anything to remember our past. If it is embedded in our memory, it will find ways to pull us back in time. :)