Too good to use

Post date: Jul 26, 2013 8:40:29 PM

Can something be too good to use, a person too perfect to be with or too awesome to handle?

I think - yes.

A not very good example but my friend bought a new coffee tumbler, kind of best in the market, expensive, looks good. But it is so good and so well insulated that coffee remains as it is for hours. Isn't that what a coffee tumbler should be like?

Now, the problem is he cannot drink coffee if it is too hot! He keeps waiting for it to get a little drinkable... meanwhile, if He tries to drink, He gets a burnt tongue :P...So this perfection is useless for him!

…but if something is too good... irrespective of if we can handle it or not... can we ignore it?! - No!

Because… we think... we are different, and we can handle it... So knowing everything about it… I also ordered the same tumbler :)