Those who are awesome !

Post date: Dec 16, 2011 10:04:33 PM

Each of us know a lot of people. We find some of them wonderful... warm enough that we can feel their presence even when we talk on phone or even chat ! but then there are others...

Very small things which we do shows how much we care and matters a lot... but we don't even to that !

I think I have already written this before... but truth is what we face again and again. ..and this is one of those things which I observe very often. If something is happening again and again, then it is something we should definitely learn from.

I feel I am lucky enough to know some wonderful people... and I learn a lot from them. Whenever I talk to them, every-time they surprise me by showing how nice and wonderful they are !

...and there is something which makes you realize who is dying to talk to you and who is not, and who will just talk to you as a formality... no matter who they are (or were) to you in relation ! and some of them - you hardly even know !

God ! why can't we have a world with more love and affection... maybe world is, the way it is, to make us realize and value those who are awesome !