...the theory is correct !

Post date: Dec 6, 2017 10:10:13 PM

I am reading the Elegant Universe - a beautiful book. Here is a paragraph from the book describing when experiments confirmed Einstein's theory. -

[Dutch Physicist Hendrik Lorentz sent Einstein a telegram informing him of the good news. As word of the telegram 's confirmation of general relativity spread, a student asked Einstein about what he would have thought if Eddington's experiment had not found the predicted bending of starlight. Einstein replied, "Then I would have been sorry for the dear Lord, for the theory is correct."

Of course, had experiments truly failed to confirm Einstein's predictions, the theory would not be correct, and general relativity would not have become a pillar of modern physics. But what Einstein meant is that general relativity describes gravity with such a deep inner elegance, with such simple yet powerful ideas, that he found it hard to imagine that nature could pass it by. General relativity, in Einstein's view, was almost too beautiful to be wrong.]

People may call it Einstein's arrogance.. but if you have been through something beautiful... coherent, logical, symmetrical, truth - you know what he meant. Something so logical.. so pure. Like when you are in love.. and You don't give a damn about what anyone thinks about your feelings. Not even god, not even the person you love! You know that it can not be wrong. You know it! You know it when you have done everything perfectly and beautifully. I remember someone told me once something about Grah, Nakshatra etc. and I said - mere chakkar mein barbaad ho jaayenge grah, nakshatra. Solar system collapse ho jaayega. kaho apne kaam se kaam rakhein.

I wish you have lived that feeling. Not of inventing Relativity :P :D but something very simple yet purely beautiful - a deep inner elegance !