Talking to an innovator

Post date: Jun 22, 2011 7:41:15 PM

Yesterday, I talked to Dr. William Calderwood who conceptualized the idea of helium filled air mattress and patented it in 1989.

It all started with a post I shared in Google reader about this idea. This post started a small but interesting conversation about 'If it is possible to implement this idea?' which lead to Dr. Calderwood's details through Google search. I called him last week, left a message with his secretary and yesterday he called me back !

He confirmed that this idea never got implemented. But the idea itself became very popular worldwide. It was published in New York Times front page and especially in Japan where people loved it because it saves space and sounds cool. But, It never went to production because of maybe feasibility and other technical issues... many people loved the idea but never tried to make it work. He said that he is out of this now but he suggested me to make some money out of this idea ! :)

It felt good... I think online presence makes a person less introvert :)