How was Tahiti?

People in my office travel a lot, so they asked it differently - 'so which one would you chose if you have to go again? - Hawaii or Aruba or Tahiti?'

It is not easy to answer, and while explaining, I have to put a lot of disclaimers. I am biased towards my own experiences, and I fell sick for a couple of days, which I know is going to make it tough for Tahiti and Moorea. But still, I liked Hawaii more - especially the cuter little Kauai. Maui is more popular, but to me, Kauai is still one of the best places I have been to. Aruba is excellent too... people in my office love this Caribbean island, so much so, that some of them have been there multiple times (but it is very different). Tahiti is not Hawaii; neither Aruba. It is stunningly gorgeous, but the distance is a kill! Long flight plus although it is stunning to eyes because it is a coral island, walking is not as smooth as the Caribbean islands. Amazingly friendly, though. Same in class. It is more of an instagrammable honeymoon destination. Given that status, it is surprisingly quiet.

So what is the conclusion? There can not be - It is like the beautiful Caribbean and a Hawaiian island fell in love, they had some cute kids, they named them Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora etc and sent them to settle in south pacific. That's what it is. Beautiful volcanic coral islands (by the way, the most beautiful places on the planet has volcanic past - Hawaii, Santorini, French Polynesia.. all of them.)