Stop Showing off !

Post date: Sep 16, 2011 6:23:46 AM

These days I am meeting different kind of people in Patna... mostly modest and nice people. But some people just can't behave normally... for example some people add few extra irrelevant words after every sentence they speak to show that they are (so called) civilized people and are not like rest of the people in Bihar !. For Example Yesterday I was discussing with someone about wheat-husk and about problem of weevils, and someone just stopped me saying 'I have no idea about these things, I never lived in a village. I spent all my life in 'city' only !'. It can be true that he never lived in a village but believe me it can be recognized very easily that what you are saying is authentic or you are just making it to show off !

in NYC I speak in Bhojpuri and Hindi with people who understand it but in Patna some people feel ashamed to speak Bhojpuri !

anyways... People stop showing off, if you can ! ...because people will not give you more respect but in reality its completely otherwise !