Specific Vs. Generic

Post date: Jul 13, 2011 1:33:47 AM

In some cases being generic helps. One of my friends recently got a new tattoo with her girlfriends name ! well... first thing came to my mind was this commercial. but I never told him... its kind of offensive (especially if someone is in love). But seriously, being generic helps... its better to get a tattoo with a heart of flower or anything but a name. (in my view, don't get tattooed at all.)

Another example is writing generic love letters :) All you need to do is replace the name at one place and you are good to go. If you go on specifics like explaining unique characteristics then that it can not be used again. Learn to write generic emails at workplace, develop a model to fit one and all problems, develop a philosophy which can fit to all situations. The great philosophies are like that... they fit to everyone's life, everyone can relate with it. Develop generic lines which is true for everyone... about things which everyone can feel... and if not anything else, you can at least become a great astrologer !