Special things

Post date: Apr 6, 2016 9:30:23 PM

... I was talking to a friend about how (monetary) value of a special check that she received was more than what was printed on it.

I gave an example of checks written by Donald Knuth... and then ek-baat-se-dusri both of us shared/discussed about things that became invaluable to us overtime. Things with almost no monetary value but most special... a dead leaf, a peacock's feather, pens, books, gifts...

I remembered my conversation with Air India customer service agent when he said - "Sir, be assured that Air India will compensate you, if we couldn't find your baggage. "

To that I responded – "No Sir, Air India cannot compensate for my baggage. I have things in that bag that money cannot compensate. How will you compensate for worthless things that have no monetary value?"

When we started discussing, it was about a check (money!) being more valuable than money. But things get more complicated when it’s not money vs money ...and you have to value something invaluable. It’s like... Bhagwaan par chadhaaya phool.. and a dollar bill with someone special's signature on it ! etc etc –

Everyone has their own worthless-invaluable-special- irreplaceable-kachras !

…maybe world would have been less complicated if more things were quantifiable :)