Showing off

Post date: Mar 30, 2011 8:05:34 PM

Well nothing new in this but why people show off? Does it always works in getting attention?

I don't think so. On the contrary sometimes it works against. On my recent trip to India I got another chance to travel in business class and stay in a five star hotel. The way (some) people behave in those places is strange. Or maybe Its me who is not a good fit to that kind of environment. I always say that certain things in this world are made by a particular kind of people for themselves and executive classes/places is one of them.

People trying to read newspapers during breakfast, shouting on small things... using their blackberries even if there is nothing new on that (I felt so). Doing random stuff with pencil on some papers. Well... they maybe doing real stuff on breakfast table but believe me the real ones look real and can be separated from the ones just showing off :) so if you are just showing off be careful because someone like me knows it :)

At such places, I wish I can tell people the same way as Nassim Taleb tells a fellow passenger in First Class (in his book Black Swan) that he is a limousine driver.