Sanskaars are relative !

Post date: Aug 15, 2012 9:59:54 PM

Yesterday I wrote about middle class.

..and today someone was talking about Sanskars... being Sanskari is also like middle class. - relative !

Everyone feels that they got values and Sanskars from their families. And all of us justify things which we do as - usual... and the ones we don't as - bad!

To some people and families, drinking and smoking can be really bad... but a girl asked me yesterday - 'Abhishek, cigarette, Sharaab peene se ladkiyaan buri ho jaati hain kya?'

I said - 'nahin, bilkul nahin. Ladki-ladka koi bura nahin ho jaata'

'Then, why don't you?'

I don't know myself why I don't because I don't find it wrong if someone else is doing it. I know there is a big family thing behind why I don't drink and smoke... certain things get embedded within us in such a way that we can't take that out... but I can't say it because that could have been offensive to her family!

The point is.. if we think that way - nothing is bad. She also feels that she got sanskaars from her family. It is true! ...but it is relative. Sanskars, values, etc. have a totally different meaning for different people.

Same is when we say - we have seen hardships and realities of life ! but... Someone's worst nightmares can be better than someone's best days!