Same but not The same

Post date: Jan 25, 2011 4:12:44 PM

This was my last facebook status: "...I never thought I will ever say 'I'll miss you'. Now even if I will, I don't think I need to say this. Either way its same but not the same."

I found this in one of my chat logs. Sometimes, While talking to people I say things like this, I don't know if I always really mean it but I know* (?) I meant it in this particular case. I still have to write something on this wonderful concept. But today I remember this line in a completely different context. It's snowing outside, I walked 3-4 blocks in it today. For the first time I loved it. I loved it like nothing. I see outside the window and I realize how beautiful it looks.

Everything is same... its same city, same snow, same wind and chill. but Now I no more worry about cold, wind or wet slippery streets. Even all of it is same but no more 'the same' for me.

*question mark because you never really understand about some cases, 'think' should be more appropriate here than 'know'.