Random Choices

Post date: Jun 15, 2015 2:09:03 AM

Random events and flukes shape our lives so much ! (at least that is how I see my life so far).

I believe, When in dilemma, random decisions based on a coin flip work really well. It is similar to randomized algorithms, in which randomized solutions work very efficiently. In some cases far better than deterministic solutions. We are generally afraid of randomness and uncertainty, although we know that nothing is deterministic. We are afraid of unknown, even in cases when known is terrible. We prefer to stick with known devils, as saying goes - A known devil is better than an unknown angel.

We are afraid to make decisions which depend on gamble or outcome of a coin flip ! but mathematics shows that sometimes, these algos can lead to a tremendous improvement in performance. Sometimes So much that no known deterministic algo can match that !

So when you have many choices to chose from and know that most of them are somewhat good, none of them is horrible. Actually, That is the time when it is most difficult to make a choice ...and that is the time when random choices work best ! I highly recommend thinking but.. at times when decisions are tougher, you can trust a flip of a coin.

Works for me ! :)