Posted on 3/22/2019

It always feels good when someone says - You predicted it so well ! or how did you know that it is going to happen?

I don't know if you get this compliment too often, but I do. We do it wishfully or not, even if it was just a fluke, we always find a way to give ourselves credit for our predictions whenever our predictions come true. In such situations, Our mind is wired to connect the random dots, to find a pattern and give us credit! It feels so good!

But sometimes… especially when you predicted not such beautiful things about someone you know, you thought about how things are going to turn for them… and when it actually happens, and you do not want it to happen, when you don't like those things. You wish it were otherwise. When you knew someone so well and predicted something not beautiful about them in your mind with certainty… a few years later, you see that happening, and you wish - why?

Maybe because somewhere you also feel that you might have avoided it from happening? Maybe… only if? etc etc..

Again, all the philosophy, psychology, and thought experiments are such fun... only until you yourself are not an object of it.

+ ….or someone you love is not an object of it.