Over rated?

Post date: Feb 22, 2011 9:10:13 PM

There is this thing about people; they always complain that a particular movie, book, place, piece of art, actor, player etc is overrated. No matter how it is, there is always this 'someone' who will say that it is overrated (or underrated).

Well... I think everything in this world is overrated for a group of people and underrated at the same time by some other group of people. Then how we decide if something is classic or not? Its kind of simple... if more and more people say it is good (and not overrated) it gets a classic status, but at the same time, it keeps becoming overrated in other group's views! But the problem is most of the time people get influenced by others and don't tell the truth, So the classics are also based on biased and influenced views.

My point is... it doesn't matter what reviewers say. It is only 'you' who can tell if you will like something or not. Reviews don't know what you will feel and think after experiencing it. Don't be biased in views because someone said so. Even something is a declared classic everyone can not and will not find it amusing... because that's how we humans are!

Like one of the lines from a famous gazal says 'Us rang ko kya jaane poochho to kabhi pee hai !'. Without experience, you can't and shouldn't assume anything based on what others are saying.