Opposite of love

Post date: May 15, 2015 8:20:40 PM

In love, ‘everything’ looks painted in it.

After reading some mathematical things written by me about love, someone said (jokingly) – “Ah! I never knew this much math to express my feelings.”

I said - ‘math is probably the worst way to express love. Love has nothing to do with maths but when in love you see love everywhere! No matter what you do, think or feel. Love makes your thoughts and surrounding beautiful. You see it in poetry, arts, numbers, cooking, train, river, work, mountains, nature, animals, universe... this, that... in every single thing that exists... and math is just another thing. Love covers your heart and everything you feel gets a shade of it. Feeling of love is when…” nothing else matters except your love !”.

If that defines love, then... what about the opposite of love? Hate? (btw forget it ! because love can’t be defined, but if this is a framework that you think makes some sense then… :)

Hate is just some kind of distorted (not inverse) function of love. Hate requires a certain degree of agreement-disagreement-disliking-'giving a damn’!. You still give a certain degree of thought to that person. Hate can’t be the opposite of love. Hatred still colors everything around but just in a different color. Then probably Opposite of love is -just not caring about it at all. If love is when the whole world looks illuminated with only one light… opposite of it can’t be the entire thing darkened or painted with a different color.

It is like... I was reading a fascinating article another day about what does a blind person sees? The obvious answer is - dark or black! But it’s not right... a blind person just doesn’t see anything at all. Nothing is not dark or black - it is just nothing ! In mathematics, an empty set is not same as nothing. Empty set is still a set with nothing inside that set. A person with eyes sees everything (analogous to love), but a blind sees nothing doesn’t mean he sees black (hate) ! Anyways… the point is opposite of love is not hatred! It is just nothing at all... or indifference. I guess, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” level of ‘indifference’ is closest to the opposite of love. Perhaps that is another reason this dialog became so famous (it is the last scene of - Gone with the wind. Wiki explains - The line demonstrates that Rhett has finally given up on Scarlett and their tumultuous relationship. After more than a decade of fruitlessly seeking her love – as covered over nearly four hours of film – he no longer cares what happens to her).

“I think, therefore I am. I give a damn; therefore, you are” - level of indifference! nothing-matters level of not-giving-a-damn about the existence of that person, what another person thinks or does - good or bad, loves, hates… if the existence of that person was everything to you, then opposite can only be putting yourself out of that existence.

Is that level of indifference possible?

well... if the love of that level is possible then... this has to be possible as well! Although love is illogical - Nature has to be at least that logical :)

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