Observations from first week in Patna

Post date: Aug 9, 2011 5:07:22 AM

1. No matter how late I was, I was always the first person to reach office in Patna. (...takes time to change office timings because no matter how hard I try I always find someone before me in NY office. even at 5AM :)

2. There is no time restriction in NY office but people enter time in Patna except me. (...rules may never give desired output.)

3. Power supply is a common problem in Patna office.

4. I have habit of sitting long hours silently in front of screen compared to others. (...time to think.)

5. Anything becomes fun if you want to enjoy it. (...in a week I started loving many aspects of Patna)

6. Patna is not as bad as common perception, people generally are very helpful and nice.

7. Money-wise Patna is a micro-city, even Rs 1 matters a lot if you are on the streets. But the gap between rich and poor is widening quickly with development.

8. Development is happening in city but unplanned...

9. ... [some personal observation, not to be published on web ;) ]