Not Knowing Someting !

Post date: Mar 14, 2013 4:03:50 PM

We generally laugh at someone who doesn’t know something very basic ! All of us do.

Questions like - How can (s)he behave like this?

How can you don’t know this ? (I remember asking this to one of my friends... I remember it exactly because he replied something which cannot be forgotten easily :P)

... and so on.

but.. It is very normal to not know something. and it doesn't mean that if someone doesn’t know something, (s)he cannot do things in better way than us !

in 2002, second day in college. Computers were really common in those days as well… but not as they are now. and many us had no experience of using it before coming to college. All we knew was maths and sciences :)

We were all asked to create logins on very first day of orientation. One of my friends, with zero idea of what it is, saw cursor moving on PC next to him. So he tried to move everything he could have done… he tried his keyboard, touched screen, looked here and there before finally someone pointed him to mouse …. (I had used PC only once or twice but somehow I knew about mouse and I think that was only difference between my knowledge and his :P).

Everyone else laughed ! including me !

Guess what… today, that guys is… you guessed it right ! I don’t need to tell :)