Post date: Oct 24, 2017 8:56:46 PM

I came across this term in a conference. NORA or Non-obvious relationship awareness. It has been around for some time, a less known but related to the buzz words of our age - data mining, machine learning, pattern recognition, big data, and so on. NORA, as the name suggests, determines relationships that are not obvious. The technical part of that is boring - some unsupervised learning algorithms (data mining), and you get to see some patterns and relationships in data that are not obvious otherwise. ...but interesting is this concept of non-obvious relationships beyond data and tech.

Awareness of what is non-obvious is sometimes more important than obvious. Like our irrational parts... sometimes they shape us more than we know. How much are we aware of our NORs? Things, places, relationships, incidents... seems like not much!

Quantifiable things are easier to understand!