No, we don’t!

Post date: Jul 3, 2011 3:18:32 AM

One of my friends is going to India for a few months. Yesterday he said "It's very cheap in Mumbai. You can get excellent apartments with all the amenities etc in just a hundred thousand Indian Rupees a month'.

Whoa !

Yes, he called it very cheap!

He is a nice person and all but when he says that he understands the problems of the third world. I'm afraid I have to disagree. When he says ‘… even its cheap people don't have money for it!’ He is right but his cheap is not same as actual cheap. His problems are not the same as real problems.

Similarly, If you went to a top school and ended up in big firm with a handsome salary and you say that you understand problems of an average student who is not able to get admission to a college. I doubt it! You may understand it, but you cannot compare your single bad grade to his situation! Can you?

You skipped lunch for a day, and you think you can feel what it is like to fight with hunger?

No, it's completely different.

We all feel that we understand others' problems, but... Our biggest challenges often doesn’t translate into someone else's troubles...