Post date: Dec 30, 2013 12:38:47 AM

Few days back, I was in India, traveling in a train compartment, I heard someone talking about a Bhojpuri song.

He was explaining how it is a very touchy and good song, he also played starting lines on his cell phone. Today, I searched for it on youtube and found it. I asked my mother about it, she never heard it but based on meaning she told me that it is a Nirgun.

Here is the link -

A Poor (read it as bad) translation will be something like this -

One day, along the river,

I was walking slowly,

I saw it with my own eyes-

O God ! beautiful bodies burn in fire ! (a cremation scene)

I saw four people bringing the body on a bamboo frame.

O god ! I saw own son (of corpse) putting fire on the mouth.

Whoever, kith and kins, present there,

every body said -

O God ! Burned by his own son a father’s mortal body goes to heaven.

the one (son) for which he did all good and bad deeds (karma).

then why, O God ! people do mean and unworthy things.

All life, everything was done for the son,

and (at the end) he only put the fire on mouth.

thinking this - O God ! My rebel eyes started to water…

I saw with my own eyes...