New Universal Lines

Post date: Nov 8, 2011 10:35:33 PM

There are some universal lines - used typically by astrologers in India. For Example: 'Your expenses are more than your income.' 'You are a very nice person, but people don't understand you'... psychologically these are the lines which fit for everyone! It looks like these lines are tailored just for everyone.

I was just thinking of a new universal line... I look around me and can think of some lines which fit for everybody: 'Most of the people at your workplace do nothing, you do all the work, and someone else takes credit for it !'

and this: 'People play politics, and you always become a victim of it - because you just always focus on your work.'

how about this: 'You are highly underpaid for your talent !' and the moment you listen to this, you realize how many 'fools' around you are making a hell lot of money.

Initially, I thought it's just the case with very few people, but then I realized that these are indeed universal lines. Problems in which everyone can fit themselves... even people, who we think, are on another side... believe me they also think same-way - No matter how less they work, how much more get involved in politics at the workplace or how much they earn!