New Google Sites

Posted on 3/13/2019

Ah! the impermanence of things. Google decided to migrate the old classic Google sites to something called, not surprisingly, New Google Sites. Someone at Google is as bad as me when it comes to naming things. What would they call the new thing of future when they decide to discontinue what is now New Sites? New New Sites?

They also decided to discontinue the announcements page template which was a good simple enough thing that I used for my mini blog '...etc'. When I tried to migrate the old blog, they generated this page below with each post as link leading to a new page – not exactly how a blog should be. But as always, there are always alternatives. So, I found this new thing which looks like post-it notes and doesn't look bad for a blog called 'mini’!

With this I also thought I have not been writing regularly on this page… So, something that won't fit twitter and is too short for 'Uwaach' will again flow in here, in this new format!

It is we who expect things not to change, things change and will always do 🙂 to New to New-New to new-new-new ...etc. A series that goes forever! Kind of one of those series in maths that goes infinitely but sums up to something very simple, something like that 😀