Post date: Mar 2, 2011 8:57:12 PM

Two people... similar background, same college, same CGPA in same degree. Then why it is the case that one performs far better than other at the same workplace?

MSH vs BOW is one of the factors at workplace which makes the difference. In this case, One always keeps and manages a book of work. Some people have this habit of managing book of work, and that's what they do all the time... they just manage their book of work. They are the one who look like most busy person around. One after other... they keep prioritizing the list but with no real output. No real work ! All they do is manage there BOW. They always have some dependencies... which they keep passing from one person (group) to another.

And then there are second type... they believe in MSH... Now you know what BOW means. No guesses or hints for MSH it means.. make sh*t happen !