Post date: Jan 15, 2012 11:11:21 PM

Finally, I watched this movie, the kind of film I like. But the part I liked most was Brad Pitt driving aimlessly because he's too nervous to watch his team playing. I feel we like things that we can correlate ourselves with, at least I do. I loved this part because I do it myself. Long back, I stopped looking at question paper once I finished exams. I never computed how many marks I will get since my high school days. I don't remember when I started doing it, but later I kind of also became superstitious, believing that if I look at question paper and try to figure out how many marks I will get - I may end up getting fewer marks! ...and slowly, I completely stopped thinking about how I did in exams and also stopped discussing answers after the exam.

That doesn't make any sense! ...and looking/thinking back will not make any changes to what already has been locked in exam papers. But I think certain things become part of our personalities, even if we know that it doesn't make any sense!