Money is greatest equalizer - II

As I mentioned in an earlier post - All ideologies bend to accommodate money! I feel I have lived enough to conclude that. If there is not an angle of money in the things you are trying to explain, you are not looking at it properly. With money comes power; some call it intelligence, but at the core of it is the ability to amass a fortune. Some People will kill or die for their ideological differences - but if money is an angle somehow, the differences vanish or at least gets reduced. Bamiyan Buddha and all the temples, statues of old-world were pagan but not the gold coins with the same faces on it! Gold has always been pure, in all civilizations, people find reasons such as - ‘ismein dosh nahin lagta’. It induces flexibility in humans to accept otherwise unacceptable things. People who went to kill unborn girls suddenly start praising girls if they start making money. Caste, gender, race… I have seen extremists with such ideologies turning 180 degrees! Or I should say, I have lived long enough to see hypocrisy. Sounds ugly, but somehow it all seems to be linked with that evolutionary wiring of attraction towards the ability to amass a fortune. If we can quantify all the human emotions and behavior and then run a principal component analysis on it. (sorry that’s a quant thing!) We will find that maximum variance in all of it is explained by a factor represented by money.