Money is greatest equalizer

It is amazing how all differences vanish when it comes to money ! Money is magical. Nothing in this world has been as powerful as money. Money changed everything forever, I tweeted this once -सर्वे गुणा: काञ्चनमाश्रयन्ते! बहुत समय पहले समुद्र मंथन नाम के कॉन्फ्रेंस में 'लक्ष्मी' का आविष्कार हुआ और दुनिया हमेशा के लिए बदल गयी!

Bhartrihari wrote -

यस्यास्ति वित्तं स नरः कुलीनः स पण्डित स श्रुतवान् गुणज्ञः। स एव वक्ता स च दर्शनीयः सर्वे गुणाः कांचनमाश्रयन्ते ॥

All ideologies bend to accommodate money. Ideologies that destroy all symbols and icons never had any issues with gold coins containing symbols. Terrorists, no matter how much they hate the US, still love the US dollars. Babas who teach money is an illusion charge money to explain that! Comrades become oligarchs when it comes to money. People hate each other but never the money that comes from them. It is the only thing that is beyond race, caste, gender… everything. All pictures and statues can be evil except the Franklin on a $100 note :)