Michelin star restaurants

Posted on 5/5/2019

Few things are common in all such restaurants - Decorated food - everything looks like a piece of art. Small portion. Expensive.

The art part and presentation of food is the only thing that makes it worth. Nothing else. Taste is generally not bad either but not really worth the money. So why do people go to these places? I think anything luxury is made by few people for people like them. It is beyond needs and beyond value, so looking for a value explanation is anyways not going to make sense. Most luxury things fall into this definition. Most people go to such places when they do not have to pay for it when someone else is paying, and in some way, you want to extract most from that. What would you do? - you select the most expensive place!

Like a business or first-class travel, even when you have money, and you have to go on a vacation, you travel economy! But if you have to travel for work.- the choice is obvious. Irony that I see people traveling economy when going on vacation, that is when they should travel luxury but… that’s how the world is.

Another aspect, the thing called marketing - if you think from a value perspective or from a real love perspective - a diamond ring is a worthless piece of whatever -anything but not love. Similarly, to celebrate an occasion, you do not need a Michelin star restaurant, but then what would you do differently if you have a lot of money? - that’s what it is ! - a creation of few people for people like them.

Is it worth experiencing? - Everything in this world is! Experiences are always worth it. And as I say - saying something worthless is meaningless unless you have experienced it yourself. When Buddha said what he said, it made sense... because he had experienced THE ULTIMATE LUXURY of his day and then realized it is meaningless. So do not say it is meaningless without actually experiencing it. Coming back to restaurants, find a company for which you will not feel a thing paying for or find a company that will pay for you - these are only two situations when it is worth! 😊