Love is an unbounded function

Post date: Jun 15, 2012 1:00:29 AM

Someone told me that love (or true love) happens only once in life, and the intensity/feelings can never be the same again as that 'first love.'

I disagreed.

In Mathematics, (btw love can not be expressed using mathematical tools but just to explain) a bounded function is a function for which the value of function is always less than (or greater than in case of lower bound) a particular value. That means - function is capped to a particular value, it can never exceed that value. never.

Using this definition, if we believe that first love is irreplaceable. It will translate to - love is a bounded function, bounded above by a value called 'first love' ! but .. love can never be bounded. Never. It is unbounded... or bounded only by infinity. We feel that Love is at its maximum level with its highest intensity... only till we realize a new level. ! ...and we keep realizing this new level.. ! There is always a new level to achieve... If you feel that you have seen that level, sorry, but I think you have stopped loving!

If you are on THE path of love... there is no limit or maximum level. There is no such thing as *enough* or maximum when it comes to love!

Today, I put this thought in one-liner as my fb status -

Love is an unbounded function. Its not bounded above by "first love" as most people say. #Random #IamNotSure

PS: its not a well-behaved function.

Take another example: to a mother, her first kid is... only she can explain what that love is. I can't.

but what her love for her youngest kid is.... ask me :) I know that.

I know what you are thinking... but this love is no different than what you are thinking.. love is love... its same no matter what form it takes... to a mother, to a son, to a girl friend, to a wife, to... anyone ! the absolute love after one level... that feeling... is beyond any relationship... it is same across relationships.