Love and Anger

Post date: Jan 20, 2011 11:18:11 PM

It was freezing on Saturday evening, and He was waiting on a bench in central park. ...10 minutes passed... so did 45 minutes, but she didn't show up.

He was angry. It was not just waiting in the cold, but he was angry even before he started for this meeting.

"Why always me? What she thinks of herself. I don't know why I am waiting in the very first place; I don't wait for anyone. Enough of it! I will not talk to her today. Or maybe I will ignore her for the first few minutes. Then I will see how she reacts.

Or maybe I should tell her..." in the last 45 minutes he made a massive list of what to say in his mind... .

Then he suddenly saw her coming...

"Sorry !! Sorry !! Sorry !! " She said with a big smile.

Then She started, "I am really sorry, actually..."

"Its okay," He said with a smile even before she finished. In a fraction of second, his anger was gone. It's not that he didn't realize that She was lying, but He was unable to say anything. He just smiled... as usual, they started talking on some random topic for the next few hours.

On that night She thought, "what an awesome person he is, never complains to me, never gets angry on me...". Simultaneously on the other side, he was thinking, "What the *** is happening to me? Why can't I just say what I was thinking? Why it happens to me the moment I see her! I will not message her today; let me check what happens if I don't text her for the next few days".

... after 30 minutes, he was typing a message on his cell.