Long run vs. Short run

Post date: Dec 7, 2011 10:36:45 PM

Sometimes by the time I go back to my apartment, I feel tired and sleepy. So I take a quick nap. Nothing unusual, but then the actual problem begins after that... on the days when I manage with this tiredness for a few hours; I get an excellent sleep for all night. But on the days when I take a quick nap, I don't feel sleepy until 2-3AM... and if I am awake, I can't avoid but drink coffee, which further delays my sleep... which results in less net sleeping hours. So... Next day I feel sleepy for the whole day!

In some weeks, this circular cause and effect become a routine... I don't feel sleepy at night and horrible during day!

I manage to make it up on weekends, but on some weekends, I make it worse...

It's all about instant relief of a few hours vs. trouble for nights or vice verse.

Like long term vs. short term... depends on what you prefer to choose!