Long run vs. Short run

Post date: Dec 7, 2011 10:36:45 PM

Sometimes by the time I go back to my apartment I feel tired and sleepy and slight headache... so take a quick nap. Nothing interesting in that... but then actual problem begins... on the days when I just manage with this tiredness for few hours, I get a very good sleep for all night. but on the days when I take a quick nap I don't feel sleepy till 2-3AM... and if I am awake I can't avoid but drink a strong coffee which further delays my sleep... which results in less net sleeping hours. So... Next day I feel sleepy for whole day !

In some weeks this circular cause and effect becomes a routine... I don't feel sleepy during night and horrible during day !

I manage to make it up on weekends but on some weekends I make it worse...

Its all about instant relief of few hours vs. trouble for nights or vice verse.

Like long term vs short term... depends on what you prefer to choose !