Jarque-Bera test for human normality

Post date: Oct 20, 2011 8:54:24 AM

Jarque-Bera test or JB test is a test in statistics that measures how sample data is close to normal distribution. I just realized that It is far easier to deal with data. If You can quantify things, you can tell with a certain confidence if something is normal or not!

But Ah! We have no such tests for human beings and their behavior. There is no way we can figure out if a bunch of people are normal or not!

Recently, I met some such beautiful people that I had to modify my definition of a nice person! BTW We keep redefining things… people learned in schools about how a successful CEO looks like even before Steve Jobs was known to the world, and then He made them change their syllabus… similarly, some people made me edit a chapter of beautiful people in the book of my mind. List of these qualities (both good and bad), which make a person will never saturate, and we will keep redefining things! …Because humans are such paradoxical creatures.

But then I met another person too… on the same day, I also heard a similar story from my friend in Pune. And I thought why such people still exist in this world?! Why can’t we have a test to check the normality of human beings? Life can be much easier and better if we can have a way to check! ... if we can not, then God should appoint a better quality control officer in his human production unit, at least in behavior and selfishness divisions. :)

Btw is there anything called ‘normal human being?’ I don’t think so, the definition of this also keeps changing…

It's complicated!