Jarque-Bera test for human normality

Post date: Oct 20, 2011 8:54:24 AM

Jarque-Bera test or JB test is a test in statistics which measures how sample data is close to normal distribution. I just realized that It’s far easier to deal with data… you can quantify things… you can tell with certain confidence if something is normal or not !

but Ah ! We have no such tests for human beings and their behavior. There is no way we can figure out if someone is normal or not !

Recently, I met some such awesome people that now I have a new definition of what a nice person means! BTW We keep redefining things… people learned in schools about what a good and successful CEO is even before Steve Jobs was known to world and then He made you change your syllabus… similarly some people made me edit chapter of nice people in book of my mind. List of these qualities (both good and bad) which make a person will never saturate and we will keep redefining things! …Because humans are such paradoxical creatures.

But then I met another person… on same day I also heard a similar story from my friend in Pune. and I thought why such people still exist in this world?! Can’t we have a test to check normality of human beings? Life can be much easier and better if we can have a way to check! I was thinking... if we can not then God should appoint a better quality control officer in his human production unit at least in behavior and selfishness divisions. :)

Btw is there anything called ‘normal human being?’ I don’t think so… definition of this also keeps changing…

Oh God! why you made things so complicated !