Insta life

Posted on 3/31/2019

There is something about women… very special. I hate stereotypes, but I think it is an evolutionary thing that has made some good to have differences between men and women. Women can think and talk about so many things at the same time - like a thousand things at the same time. Men? Not even two at a time.

So when Men meet in corporate events, the events meant less for work and more for fun and socializing, they still talk about work! About markets, interest rates Or travel or restaurants in the city or sometimes sports or… the list is minimal, plus they do not know how to jump from one topic to another. Most men don't know what to talk after a while (maybe also because people never talk about sensitive things such as politics, religion, etc.)

…but whenever there is a woman in the group - Women know exactly how to smoothly maneuver the conversation from one topic to another, for hours. It can never end in saturation, and That's how it should be! If I say more, maybe it will become stereotyping.

So, in one of such encounters, I met one senior executive lady working at one of the biggest Wall Street banks, and somehow the discussion moved to Instagram! When I mentioned my thoughts, it somehow echoed her sentiments too, and then She shared learnings from her teenage daughter. She not so proudly said - The queen of instagram!

The main point was Instagram is THE DELUSIONAL thing ever. The example was how her daughter has this wonderful Instagram profile with amazing, curvy, without-a-flaw, better than any celebrity photos... yet she gets depressed looking at others' profiles. She told me that teenagers post their pics picked from thousands of clicks over a period. They wait for the right day and time to post it. They post on a specific time of the day that can give them the highest likes and comments. They also look at the weather to get more likes! If it is evening, beautiful weather, less newsy day and 10 other factors - high chances that more people will look and they will get more likes. And if they don't get many likes as they think they delete those photos...

This was the next level for me, 2nd degree. My conclusion, although the same, was based on simple thoughts. I was thinking only about the first derivative - duration of a bond, and there is a convexity angle too to it, which I completely missed. And like Taylor series, there are higher degree things which I can still not think about. That's just one example of how people are trapped in that loop of seeking perfection and feeling jealous of others' fake perfections, which aren't even real. It is as real as their own fake-perfectionization, but they do not get that, and at the same time, others feel the same way looking at their pictures!

In reality, Everyone has turned into a beggar but assumes that every other person in an emperor, that's the kind of world we are living in. Everyone thinks that everyone (else) is having a perfect life except them.

Have you ever met someone beautiful in online life, in all pics, and felt somewhat like meeting to a non-filtered person in real life?

I have met both online perfect and not so perfect in real life vs. almost non-existent online but unbelievably beautiful in real life. So, this is not always true.

The more I meet diverse people, I realize this a little more. In any case, If you are reading this - Look at the world, pulling yourself out from the trap and smile. You are as beautiful as anyone else out there.😊