Post date: Jun 11, 2011 9:39:03 PM

Human-life history has always been changing since its inception. We always think, imagine and create new things. Any innovation changes the way we live, work and even the way we think. Sometimes earth and life becomes better, other times worse by these innovations. Sometimes its both good and bad... making lives better but not in all senses.

The way we have changed our lives is amazing (imagine things you have seen and been effected by in just last decade). But there is no stagnation in this path of endless innovations and it seems like there will never be such stage. Everyday earth becomes a better place to live and worse at the same time. We have problems but there was no time in human history when it was free of problems, we keep overcoming these problems and life goes on... certain things never change because they always keep changing in the same way... innovations are one of them.

I got this thought while browsing three stories on net today: Hoverbike, Liquid fuel for electric cars and cows producing human breast milk.