How others see it and why?

Post date: Jun 27, 2012 7:02:22 PM

a real story:

I was in 3rd year of my college... and by the time you reach the third year, you get a sense of questions, exams, and a little extra confidence.

So, It was the end-sem exam of one of the electives, and there was this accounting question, worth ten marks... I wasn't sure about some entries.

I answered two sub-questions for two marks, which I was sure. Then I made another five entries. I was again very confident that I was right.

Now, there were three other possible entries in that question, I wasn't sure about! It was slightly tricky... generally, that kind of entries are excluded, based on accounting principles...

...but then suddenly a thought came to my mind:

"If I make these entries it just simply makes much more sense... because that would be ideal for examiner... 8 entries and eight marks! How can possibly an examiner frame a question of 10 marks with two questions of one marks each... and only five entries.. that adds up to 7 only !"

I decided to put those three entries as well...

Guess what? I was one of only three or four students in the class who got it right!

Sometimes... all we need is to think a little about what must be going through other minds while making a decision, and we can resolve many issues! but most of the time, we assume that we know everything - mostly based on our perception of what we read, see, and listen!

...and that creates conflicts and failures!