Home Sick ?

Post date: Dec 24, 2012 3:26:18 PM

I visit India at least twice a year. I came back last week and I already have plans to visit before May 2013 !

Some people find it odd. They call me home sick.

Actually, Its very commom for people to go India from US after five years or more ! I can't imagine that.

Some say I can because I am single !

Personally, I don't find any reasons why I do that or I will keep doing that. I just have this feeling that I will go to India whenever I can. I like to spend time with my family. If that is called home sick.. hmm.. well sick is not appropriate word :) (I know another friend of mine who goes to India more frequently that I do). And I have been living away from family from... more than 10 years now !

I had another resolution that I will always go to my village whenever I am in India or on a vacation. but this was first time I went to India but I couldn't go to my village, I had to cancel my tickets!

Things change but.. I hope it was just an exception.